Fitness in its Many Forms

When we think of fitness training, we often think of working out in the gym on the machines, riding the spin bikes or running stairs. The reality is fitness can come in many forms of activity. In the Outdoor Pursuits (ODP) program, students do get the opportunity to take advantage of our facilities here at the school and workout in a traditional manner, but more often the ODP students get to incorporate fitness training into their outdoor activities. If you have ever snowshoed after a big snowfall or spent the afternoon cross-country skiing on the many kilometers of trails in the river valley, then you know what I mean.

With winter now approaching it’s not time to think about moving your workout indoors, but rather to figure out what activities you can do outdoors to keep up your fitness level. I am by no means a professional snowboarder, so when I do participate in this activity, it takes an incredible amount of fitness on my part for me to get down the hill. I see the same thing in my ODP students who try this sport for the first time. They are using muscles that they don’t use regularly and are putting themselves into positions requiring extreme balance. They always finish this activity exhausted. Even ODP students who are experienced at snowboarding get a good workout because they are able to push themselves to try new jumps or moves that require them to again use different muscle groups and body positions for balance.

So this winter, I encourage you to take your workout outdoors. Find an outdoor activity that interests you and meets your fitness needs and go out and do it. You won’t be disappointed and you just might see winter here in Edmonton a little differently.

Outdoor Pursuits Director