Contact Vimy Edmonton

Below are all of the contacts for the different sections of Vimy Edmonton:

Vimy Hockey

Nathan Dempsey
(780)465-5461 ext.2405

Vimy Lacrosse

Jimmy Quinlan
(780)465-5461 ext.2230

Vimy Sport Fit

Ryan Faulkner
(780)465-5461 ext.2404

Vimy Outdoor Pursuits

Robert Schmidt
(780)465-5461 ext.2219

Vimy Baseball

CJ Jayasekera
(780)465-5461 ext.2413

Vimy Ringette

Kaitlyn Fenton
(780)465-5461 ext.2125

Vimy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Curt Malin – Program Director

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