About Vimy Esports

Vimy Esports is a holistic training environment for competitive and coachable esports student-athletes in grades 7 to 9. Vimy Esports student-athletes aren’t sitting on the couch playing their favourite game to pass the time. Each training session will have focused practice time, game breakdowns and coaching to ensure the development of the player increasing their impact on the game’s result. 

Student-athletes will be required to participate in fitness sessions that focus on general fitness, injury prevention and to train energy systems and reflexes needed to gain a competitive edge. Mental health will be a major focus, where an exploration of working within a team and communication techniques will go hand-in-hand with discussions of toxicity and burnout in the esports world.  

Vimy Esports’ curriculum will be uniquely structured to provide our student-athletes with career skills that will be highly sought after in the video game industry as well as the tech sector on the whole. Skills such as programming, computer engineering, level design, audio/visual design and broadcasting are planned parts of the curriculum and mentors in various areas of expertise will be brought in to guide our student-athletes and help them explore various career paths.