Facilities at Vimy Sport Fit

Vimy Sport Fit has access to world-class facilities on and off the Vimy campus. Using these facilities, our student-athletes work every day on “Becoming More.”

The Gym/Climbing Wall

Vimy Sport Fit often utilizes the two gyms at Vimy Ridge Academy for programming for our student-athletes. Example activities in the gym would include non-traditional sports such as Sepak Takraw, Kinball and netball, as well as the standards such as Basketball, Badminton and Volleyball.

In Vimy’s smaller gym, Ortona Hall, Vimy boasts an indoor wall climbing facility that allows Vimy Sport Fit student-athletes to learn and to hone their skills at bouldering and harness climbing.

Edmonton Area Facilities

Many of Vimy Sport Fit’s programming days are spent off-campus at various Edmonton-area facilities including The Velodrome, the University of Alberta’s Saville (GO) Centre, The Edmonton Ski Club and the Edmonton River Valley Parks.

The Fitness Centre

The fitness centre at Vimy Ridge Academy consists of state of the art equipment that has been hand chosen to maximize the benefit to our student-athletes in order to optimize their athletic development.

Part of the Vimy Sport Fit curriculum includes time in the Fitness Centre to teach our student-athletes the correct way to work out and keep up their fitness level outside of school activities and upon graduation from the program.

The Bike Room

In the spring of 2011, 36 Keiser M3 bikes were installed in the bike room, located adjacent to the fitness centre, providing another space for Vimy student-athletes to work on their fitness level.

A comprehensive spin bike curriculum has been developed to educate student-athletes on how to train different energy systems within the body. Log sheets have been developed to instruct the student-athletes on how to effectively track their heart rate and manage their training zones to achieve their fitness goals.