For Donnan Registration (Grades 3-6), please visit

Our registration process has recently changed, please follow the steps below to begin your application:

Step 1: Sign up for a Shadow Day with your academy of choice

Step 2: Contact the Academy Director (listed below) with any questions you may have

Step 3: After your Shadow Day, the Academy Director will give you access to the AAD online registration program, so that you can begin the application process

Step 4: Upon completion of the online AAD portion of the application process you will be emailed a link to complete the school documents

Step 5: The Academy Director and school admin will review all application packages to confirm that the student-athlete has met all requirements for entrance into the Academy and ensure there is space available at the applicant’s grade level

Step 6: A letter will be sent out by the school to confirm acceptance

Want to know more? Reach out to our Academy Directors by using the contact information below:

Vimy Baseball & Softball

for more information on Vimy Baseball & Softball, please contact CJ Jayasekera at

Vimy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

For more information on Vimy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, please contact Curt Malin at

Vimy Esports

For more information on Vimy Esports, please contact Travis Bouchard at

Vimy Golf

For more information on Vimy Golf, please contact Sam Fix at

Vimy Hockey

For more information on Vimy Hockey, please contact Nathan Dempsey at or call Nathan at 780-465-5461 ext.2405

Vimy Lacrosse

For more information on Vimy Lacrosse, please contact Jimmy Quinlan at or call Jimmy at 780-465-5461 ext.2230

Vimy Outdoor Pursuits

For more information on Vimy Outdoor Pursuits, please contact Rob Schmidt at or call Rob at 780-465-5461 ext.2358

Vimy Ringette

For more information on Vimy Ringette, please contact Sarah Lehman at or call Sarah at 780-465-5461 ext.2402

Vimy Sport Fit

For more information on Vimy Sport Fit, please contact Imogen Kretzer at or call Imogen at 780-465-5461 ext.2415

For any issues with downloading or completing the forms, please contact