About Vimy Baseball & Softball


Vimy Baseball & Softball is designed for student-athletes looking for an opportunity to advance their technical, tactical, physical and mental baseball and softball skills.

Students from Grades 7 to 12 work with highly experienced coaches to develop their fundamental baseball knowledge and strategies while also balancing character development.

This program offers a dynamic and athlete-centred environment, top-notch teachers and superb facilities for,a challenging and fun experience. Students in this program use flexible class scheduling to balance their academics with skill development and gameplay.

Our MVP:

Mission: to scaffold young leaders into contributing members of our community

Vision: to create an environment for student-athletes to attain the highest level of baseball and academic opportunities

Principles: citizenship, opportunity, respect, enthusiasm

Who is Vimy Baseball/Softball for?

For any serious-minded baseball/softball grade 7 to grade 12 student-athlete willing to commit to get better and be the best they can be

Does the Vimy Baseball/Softball have travel teams?

Our academy does not accommodate “full-blown” travel teams.

We do have teams (Junior High & High School) that compete in a fall ball season during after-school hours.

We offer physical (technical), mental, tactical (strategy), social/emotional skill development as well as gameplay-based training during programmed school hours. Our student-athletes mostly play and represent on competitive, local club teams under Baseball Alberta & Softball Alberta, spring through fall.

Where does Vimy Baseball/Softball practice?

Spring through fall:

RE/MAX Field: Downtown river valley, Edmonton

EABA Angels Baseball Diamonds: Millwoods Sports and Rec Centre Diamond Complex


Turf Training Centre: 5820 59 Ave NW, Edmonton

Vimy Ridge Academy Training Centre: inside the large gym

Where do student-athletes store their equipment?

Storage is available at our off-site facilities. However, most of our student-athletes carry their equipment bags/backpacks (provided every 2nd year as part of their uniform) to-and-fro.

How do student-athletes get to our facilities?

Student-athletes are transported to and from facilities via bus.

How often do we practice?

Baseball/Softball specific training: 2-3 times per week during winter months, from spring through fall, at least 4 times per week. Each session to be at least 90 mins in length

Regular Health & Physical Education Curriculum: seasonally adjusted as above. 2-3 times per week during winter months. Spring through fall, at least once per week.

What are the equipment/uniform requirements?

  • Vimy baseball hat (provided)
  • Training t-shirts (provided)
  • Training short (provided)
  • Hoodie (provided)
  • Equipment backpack (provided by AAD – alternate years)
  • 2x baseball pants (grey and/or white)
  • Baseball/Softball glove (and/or positional mitts)
  • Batting helmet (AAD colours are mostly black & grey)
  • Protective cup/strap combo or protective cup/sliding shorts combo
  • Pair of cleats (moulded spikes for 13Us, metal spikes for older student-athletes)
  • Pair of baseball turf shoes
  • Bat (baseball: wood is preferred)
  • Cold weather layers (long sleeve undershirt, winter jacket, windbreaker etc)
  • Hydration (bottle)

* Additional apparel may be purchased via AAD Online store (seasonal)

If you’d like to see if Vimy Baseball is for you, contact our Head Instructor CJ Jayasekera or Register for a Free Shadow Day.