About Vimy Baseball & Softball



Vimy Baseball & Softball is designed for student-athletes looking for an opportunity to advance their technical, tactical, physical and mental baseball and softball skills.

Students from Grades 7 to 12 work with highly experienced coaches to develop their fundamental baseball knowledge and strategies while also balancing character development. 

This program offers a dynamic and athlete-centred environment, top-notch teachers and superb facilities for,a challenging and fun experience. Students in this program use flexible class scheduling to balance their academics with skill development and gameplay. 

Our MVP:

Mission: to scaffold young leaders into contributing members of our community

Vision: to create an environment for student-athletes to attain the highest level of baseball and academic opportunities

Principles: citizenship, opportunity, respect, enthusiasm

If you’d like to see if Vimy Baseball is for you, contact our Head Instructor CJ Jayasekera or Register for a Free Shadow Day.