Vimy BJJ Techniques

Donnan BJJ believes that knowledge in BJJ should be shared with all those who would like to learn.

To that end, we will periodically post brief videos and technique explanations to this page to help student-athletes increase their knowledge of BJJ.

Triangle Choke Submission From Arm Wrap Closed Guard

  1. David wraps his left arm around his partners arm trapping at against his body.
  2. Opening his closed guard he slides his hips out to the left placing his left foot on his partners hip.
  3. Maintaining wrist control of his partners left wrist David pulls his leg out underneath his partners arm placing it over his shoulder and across the back of his neck.
  4. To complete the submission David triangles his legs and pivots to his right applying pressure by squeezing his knees together forcing his partner to tap out to the submission.

Triangle From Mount

Technique Description in video

Kimura From Closed Guard

Technique Description in video

Americana From Mount

Technique Description in video