The Dojo at Vimy BJJ

Donnan BJJ Dojo

The Dojo at Donnan BJJ is more than just a room, it’s a workspace.

Donnan BJJ students are acutely aware of the high expectations that Professor Malin and Professor Andrew emphasize daily as they step onto the mats. Hard work, respect and self discipline is what the dojo represents.


What sets the Dojo at Donnan BJJ apart from a gymspace is RESPECT.

Martial arts is about respecting the art, your teachers and your fellow students at all times.

Given what the students are learning, there is a high level of awareness and focus required to participate in the classes. Being able to respect the space and those in it makes it easier to focus and be present during class time.


Each member of Donnan BJJ own their own gi. Owning a gi that is specific to Donnan BJJ is no different to a hockey player’s game jersey. It represents your team and your instructors. The belt represents a students rank but more importantly is a reflection of the hard work put in on the mats.


Everything on the walls in the dojo represents what it means to be a martial artist. There are pictures that reflect personal triumphs over adversity and examples of what living the BJJ lifestyle is all about.


The Donnan BJJ motto is the largest poster in the dojo and is constantly brought up in discussion and teachings:

Martial Arts is not about victory or defeat; but the perfection of character.