Vimy Sport Fit’s Kirsten Attwood – Try Water Polo

Hi, my name is Kirsten Attwood. I am a grade 11 student-athlete at Vimy and I was in the Sport Fit program since I came to Vimy. Being in the Sport Fit program helped me to be a more active and high-intensity athlete, which pushed me to the sport of water polo.

Through the Sport Fit program, I had the opportunity to participate in water polo and decided I wanted to join a club team. Through my club team, I was able to train and develop my skills as a water polo athlete and in 2014, I was able to compete at the Canadian Water Polo Nationals. The photo above is of me playing water polo with my club team, a team who’s coaches were the instructors that came and taught my class the game and helped me to discover my sport of choice. I have since joined those coaches in helping instruct the game to current Sport Fit student-athletes, hoping to help grow the sport of water polo.

The Tsunami club is currently looking to recruit players that would like to try this sport. Water polo is a great way to make new friends and stay healthy and active. In May, the Tsunami are hosting a 3 day water polo camp at the Kinsmen Sports Centre designed for beginner water polo players both male and female aged 10-15 years old. For more information on the camp and to register, download the Tsunami or visit their team page.