Vimy Sport Rec Turkey Trot

Vimy Sport Rec held its 3rd Annual Turkey Trot cross-country running race the week before Thanksgiving.

The fastest male/female runner from each grade and 1 lucky random draw winner each took away a Thanksgiving turkey to share with their families.

Listed below are the winners from each grade:

Grade 7

-Trixie Sison

-Phoenix Moravec

-DRAW WINNER – Erik Younk

Grade 8

-Tassa Marchese

-Ryan Bratina

-DRAW WINNER – Alex McCullough

Grade 9

-Emma Yerichuk

-Nick Snaychuk

-DRAW WINNER – Austin Grabas

High School

-Cassidy Chalifoux

-Victoria Stinson

-Rory Mills

-Dylan Powley

-DRAW WINNER – Jasper Jonk

Congratulations to all of the winners and everyone who pushed themselves for a personal best!