Vimy Sport Fit’s New Director: Imogen Kretzer

Academic and Athletic Development (AAD) is proud to announce the hiring of Imogen Kretzer as the new Vimy Sport Fit Director. 

Imogen, a 2023 Graduate of the University of Alberta Kinesiology program, brings a wealth of experience to her new position at Vimy, including her role as an Athletic Trainer & Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Leduc Junior Athletic Club as well as many certifications and roles within the athletic and physical therapy worlds. 

This experience along with her passion for physical activity will be a great benefit to the Vimy Sport Fit academy and we are looking forward to seeing where Imogen will guide one of the biggest academies within Academic and Athletic Development.

We would also like to thank our outgoing Vimy Sport Fit Director Logan Arthur, who will be returning to post-graduate studies this winter. The positive impact of Logan’s work will no doubt be felt for years to come and AAD would like to thank him for his hard work and dedication during his tenure.