Nancy Youngs



youngs_nancyNancy Youngs graduated with honours and distinction from the University of Alberta in 1992 with her Bachelor of Physical Education and in 1994 with her Bachelor of Education degrees. While attending University, she was a team member of the Panda’s Basketball Program from 1990 to 1992. Before transferring to the U of A, Nancy played college volleyball for the Red Deer College Queen’s, as well she was a team member for their golf program and cross country running team.

After graduating, Nancy obtained a teaching position at McNally High School teaching physical education, fitness and math. Nancy obtained her level 3 certification in the sport of basketball and went on to coach the girls program at McNally. They had a very successful eight years, making it to provincials three times. Nancy spent four years co-coaching the Midget Girls Alberta Basketball Team. After McNally, Nancy became the Department Head of Physical Education and Athletics at T.D. Baker school for two years; she then completed six years at Ross Sheppard High School, one of those years being the Assistant Department Head of Athletics. During these years, Nancy coached high school volleyball, basketball, and track and field. In 2009, Nancy took a leave of absence to start her own business; she is currently teaching part time at Vimy Ridge and running her business.

Nancy is very passionate about sport and athletics. She completed her first Ironman in 2006, and continues to keep sport important for herself and her children.

Nancy believes that teaching is getting to know students, staff and parents on a more genuine level. A true measure of teaching comes from the success that lies within the framework of the school and in how each individual within that foundation collaborates to create something that is magical for the students of our future.

She believes, we as teachers, teach for the student’s future and for our own. Teaching is a passion. One must be willing to take a risk in order to have our children reap the true rewards from the profession.