Kris Fedun



fedun_krisMr. Fedun is a graduate of the University of Alberta where he received his Bachelor of Education degree. He has been with EPSB since 2000, 7 of those years as a department head and 1 year as an Assistant Principal. On top of this, he also spent 2 years as a K-12 teacher in Frankfurt, Germany.

Kris is passionate about all sports, is a Canadian Certified Athletic Administrator, has played football with the University of Alberta Golden Bears, coached the Edmonton Huskies and High School football, and Jr.High and High School basketball.
Mr. Fedun list climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro and running his first Ironman in 2012 as two of his biggest personal accomplishments in the world of sport.

Mr. Fedun is also passionate about traveling. He has travelled all of Western Europe and parts of Eastern Europe, as well as Africa and most of North America (Mexico, USA and Canada).