Apply to Vimy Sport Fit


Thinking of applying to VIMY SPORT FIT? Read these testimonials about our program:

The teachers and instructors at Vimy Ridge Academy offer extraordinary mentorship – demonstrating possibility, responsibility, and accountability. My son will complete the program with life skills that foster healthy living and living to your greatest potential as a member of a larger team.

Lori – Parent of a Grade 9 Sport Rec Student

Our daughter is in the grade 8 Sports Rec program at Vimy Ridge Academy and we have been very impressed with the program and the school. The emphasis on academics and fitness was the primary reason our daughter chose to attend Vimy. The Sports Rec program provides the students with an opportunity to participate in a large variety of sports and activities that take them far beyond traditional phys-ed programs. As parents, we appreciate the expectations that are placed on the students to be accountable for their behaviour and the support provided by the teaching staff to help the students excel academically.

Holly – Parent of a Grade 8 Sport Rec Student

For more information on Vimy Sport Fit, please contact Vimy Sport Fit Director Stephen Armitage at or apply for a Shadow Day to see what Vimy Sport Fit has to offer student-athletes.