Vimy Lacrosse Student-Athletes Shine with Impressive Summer Achievements

The summer of 2023 was nothing short of spectacular for Vimy Lacrosse athletes, who have showcased their dedication, talent, and passion for the sport in various competitions across Alberta and beyond. These young athletes have left an indelible mark on the lacrosse world, achieving remarkable success in provincial, national, and international tournaments. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the outstanding achievements of these Vimy Lacrosse stars!

Provincial Champions

Several Vimy Lacrosse athletes had the honor of becoming Provincial Champions in their respective age categories. 

The U17A Edmonton Warriors, featuring Trygve Bilawchuk, Luke Bowie, Cole Cameron (alumni), Kai Ellis, Mathieu Lemieux, Richie Lucid, Brody Nestor, and Felix Rossman, showcased their dominance on the floor. Meanwhile, the U15A Sherwood Park Titans boasted talented players like Larson Hoglund, Seth Hantelmann, and Rorey Travis. 

The U17W Sherwood Park Titans, led by Brisea Tondeleir, displayed their prowess in the women’s division. The U15W Edmonton Warriors, including Abigail Craig, Kierra Ellis, and Madison MacKinnon, also claimed the provincial title.

The U13A Sherwood Park Titans, with Quinn Manning, showcased their promising talent at a young age, promising a bright future for lacrosse.

Alberta Summer Games

At the Alberta Summer Games, Vimy Lacrosse athletes once again made their presence felt. Zone 5 earned a well-deserved Bronze, thanks to the efforts of Larson Hoglund and Kieran Lewis (alumni). Meanwhile, Zone 6 boasted a talented roster including Finlay Entrop, Madison MacKinnon, Owen Herr, and Mark Morgan.

NAIG (North American Indigenous Games)

The Team Alberta for NAIG was a testament to the skill and determination of Vimy Lacrosse athletes. In the U19 Men’s division, Vimy alumni Kaden Flett, Teegan Runions, and Evan Erickson secured a remarkable Bronze.

The U19 Women’s division also claimed Bronze, with Aislin Lucid (alumni), Payton Sooley, Claire Lefebvre (alumni), and Cora Erickson (alumni) showcasing their talents. Richie Lucid secured a Bronze in the U16 Men’s division.

Team Alberta

Vimy Lacrosse was well represented on Team Alberta throughout various age categories. The U17 Men’s Box team secured a Bronze medal, thanks to Julian Ferretti’s impressive contributions. The U17 Women’s Box team, featuring Olivia Craik, Brisea Tondeleir, Sarah Peever (alumni), Ella Perrin, and Jayla Roberts, also claimed Bronze.

The U22 Women’s Box team achieved Gold, with Amelia Hawkes and Ella Royer (alumni) leading the charge. The U19 Women’s Field team, including Amelia Hawkes, Chloe Stewart, and Sam Calbick (alumni), secured a Bronze medal.

Cooper Moisey represented Vimy Lacrosse in the U17 Men’s Field category, showcasing his prowess in net.

Founders Cup

Vimy Lacrosse alumni left a lasting impact at the Founders Cup, securing Gold and earning the title of RMLL Champions. Kyler Andrews, Dane Menon, Graham Dicken, Josh Dewart, Luke Royer, Kaden Flett, and Aidan Wellner-Bates were instrumental in this achievement.

Minto Cup

Another remarkable achievement came at the Minto Cup, where alumni Briley Maxwell, Alex Lemieux, Xander Maxwell, and Thomas Gallagher secured Bronze while also being crowned RMLL Champions.

Presidents Cup

Alumni Tristan Rai and Dallyn Rai showcased their skills at the Presidents Cup, earning a Silver medal.


At the Jr. NLL Tournament, Vimy Lacrosse athletes continued to shine. Quinn Manning represented the U13 Jr. Desert Dogs, while Finlay Entrop and Kieran Lewis (alumni) showcased their talent with the U15 Jr. Roughnecks. The U17 Jr. Firewolves featured Trygve Bilawchuk, Rylan Connors, and Luke Bowie.


Vimy Lacrosse athletes proved their dominance at the Seals Summer Shootout, securing Gold. Richie Lucid, Rylan Connors, Luke Bowie, Felix Rossman, Kai Ellis, Trygve Bilawchuk, and Lochlan Muir displayed their exceptional skills.

U20 Team Canada Top 50 Selection

Ella Royer (alumni) was selected among the top 50 U20 Team Canada players, a testament to her incredible talent and work ethic.

The summer of 2023 was a remarkable one for Vimy Lacrosse athletes. Their dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport have resulted in a series of impressive victories and medals. These athletes serve as an inspiration to aspiring lacrosse players, showcasing the potential of determination and talent in achieving greatness in lacrosse. Congratulations to all Vimy Lacrosse athletes on their outstanding achievements!