Donnan and Vimy BJJ are on #TeamBeau!

Before Spring Break, BJJ Program students from Donnan and Vimy Ridge Academy participated in a fundraiser event “Burpees for Beau,” for a special child who is in need of some support!

Beau O’Hagan was diagnosed with a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which causes weakness in muscles and other systems that are used for movement. The fundraiser was a fitness-focused event that had participants “get moving to help Beau”. 

The BJJ Program students went through 40 minutes of exercises, doing movements like burpees, pushups, sit ups and lunges. Sponsors were asked to donate a minimum of 50 cents per minute of activity, meaning that each student-athlete who participated in the fundraiser represented at least a $20 donation to help Beau get the treatment he needs to battle SMA and live a life full of movement! 

The BJJ Program students at Donnan and Vimy Ridge raised a combined total of $1200!
For more information on Beau, you can view this article from his local newspaper –