Vimy Golf’s Rosie Bee Kim Wins U16 Championship in the UK

Vimy Golf student-athlete Rosie Bee Kim has been crowned champion of the R&A Girls’ U16 Amateur Championship in Enville, UK at only 14 years of age.  Rosie, who also took home the U14 title, took the title by 2 strokes, finishing with a solid birdie on 18.

“It sounds amazing to be champion and I’m very proud of myself,” said Kim, adding “ This is probably my biggest win so far. It’s a big milestone for me in becoming that player that I want to be, so I’m very happy with this.”

While players around Rosie on the leaderboard had their ups and downs, she credited her composed game for earning her the victory. “I think steady golf won it for me, no drama and consistency. Those are my strong points. It was nerve wracking on the 18th, but I knew the scores and what I had to do. Having the experience of playing in these big events is great for me.”

Congratulations to Rosie on this accomplishment. We stay tuned to the leaderboards for the next victory that is sure to come.