Welcome Back To Vimy Hockey

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Vimy Hockey!  We have some very exciting changes that we have made to our program. Coming back this year will be long-time NHL assistant coach Perry Pearn.  Returning to our High School hockey program after working for several years with the Edmonton Oilers, we have Rick Carriere, a former fixture with Vimy Hockey going back to the “The Hockey Program” days.  This year, we are excited to roll out a new on-ice curriculum. Our staff is happy to get the school year going and we hope you are too.

A little more background on the additions to our staff:


Perry Pearn spend 21 seasons coaching in the NHL with 5 different organizations.  He has also had his own hockey camp in Edmonton for 25+. His camps have had more than 200 kids who went on the play games in the NHL. Last year he was with all of our groups on the ice.  His role is to be a mentor our instructors but it is also to help your children improve. We make sure that he sees equal time with every group throughout the year. We are very fortunate to have Perry in our program, helping your kids grow as people and as hockey players.


Rick Carriere comes to us after being the Director of Player Development for the Edmonton Oilers for the past 6 years.  Rick also has coaching experience in the Western Hockey League as well as the American Hockey League. Rick will be working with our highschool athletes on a daily basis.  He brings knowledge of what scouts and junior teams are looking for and will be able to relay those skills and traits to our athletes.

This year we have decided to aim our curriculum more towards game play.  We will take aspects of the game and work on the individual skills needed to excel in certain situations.  In each zone we will work on the offensive and defensive skills that coincide with that zone. We are still working on basic skills, shooting , passing, stickhandling and skating but they are now more associated to game situations. 

We look forward to working with our Vimy Hockey student-athletes and are excited to see them develop as students and hockey players.