Vimy Lacrosse – Family First

One thing has always been a priority at Vimy Lacrosse and that is that each student-athlete that attends the program is considered a member of our “lacrosse family.” Vimy Lacrosse is here to help student-athletes with their academic and athletic pursuits, but we are also here to provide guidance and direction to each individual. This support extends beyond Vimy to Donnan School, where our Grade 4, 5 and 6 student-athletes attend. We have always believed that our mandate is be there with our student-athletes for them to lean on as they navigate through their school years.

Vimy Lacrosse believes every student-athlete should be given every opportunity to succeed in the program. Under the leadership of the program, student-athletes are given the tools to learn the game of lacrosse, shown the effort required to excel in the game and taught the importance of teamwork. The Vimy Lacrosse program has demonstrated exceptional success over the years through this process, achieving excellent results in tournaments across North America in both boys and girls field lacrosse. This success is attributable to the student-athletes believing in themselves and in each other.

Vimy Lacrosse is passionate about lacrosse and the student-athletes in the program. The individuals in the program are the foundation of everything we do. We challenge each of them daily to improve themselves on the lacrosse field and in the classroom. Our success is evident in our graduates that have proceeded to play at the highest levels of junior lacrosse in Canada and college lacrosse in the NCAA. But more importantly our success is evident in they way our student-athletes are always there for each other. There is a deep appreciation for their school, their program, their peers and their coaches. It is this great pride that makes Vimy and Donnan Lacrosse so special. Vimy Lacrosse – Family First!