Vimy Hockey Update

It’s been a great start to the year here at Vimy hockey. The student athletes have been focused on bringing their best effort every afternoon and are getting used to the routine again.

We have been stressing the C.O.R.E (Citizenship, Opportunity, Respect and Enthusiasm) values with every group and will continue this message as the year goes on.

Here is some information as we move into November and December:

1. On Ice Focus

We are now moving into our second phase of our on ice curriculum called “Purposeful Movement.” In this phase students will begin to display constant purposeful movement (good angles, timing, support), and increase the speed of skill execution. Students will be able to think through practice drills and understand how they apply to game situations, on-ice communication will increase.

2. Individual Development Plans (IDP’S)

All of the students have been given IDP’S to work on and have been doing so during their CORE classroom time. These IDP’S will provide the instructors and the students the opportunity to share areas of strength and weakness with each other,and enables our staff to provide each student with time to work on these.
These IDP’S are working documents and will continue to change as the student progresses through the year. This document will stay with them during their whole time at Vimy Ridge and will be able to be changed and worked on along the way.

3. Concussion Testing

Will be done by the staff from River Valley Health at Vimy Ridge on the following dates.

Nov. 23 – Vimy Silver, Green and Red.
Nov. 27 – Vimy Blue, Black and White

4. Equipment Donation Box

Donnan student athlete Jack Clarke is collecting used hockey equipment for players in the Northwest Territories. If you have some old gear you would like to donate please bring them by the hockey office.


Each group will have the opportunity to try JOGA in December here at Vimy Ridge. Joga is an athletic based style of yoga that focuses on a unique blend of postures to find balance in strength and flexibility, a variety of breathing techniques to improve breath control/recovery and relaxation tools to maintain a calm mind in sport and in life. The sessions will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and re-energized as well as provide you with all the other physiological and psychological benefits of yoga.

6. AAD Assembly

Our first AAD assembly of the year is on Nov.16. It is important for all our student athletes to attend these as we recognize students from each grade with a CORE award, have a guest speaker and activities planned.