Vimy Hockey: Transition

Vimy Hockey is now working through the “Transitions” phase of the curriculum. Some of the skills that Vimy Hockey student-athletes will be working on are:

• Handling the Puck in Transition (Fwds to Bwds, Bwds to Fwds), Handling the Puck at High Speed.
• Pressure Shooting, Quick Release, Catch and Release, One-Time Shooting.

Using these skills, student-athletes will be able to play the game “on their toes,” and be physically ready to react in any situation, and their speed of skill execution will continue to increase.

As the skills become habit, student-athletes will begin to expect the unexpected and be mentally ready for quick changes in possession. They will understand risk-reward and when to “go for it.”

Here’s an example of the kind of skating drill that the student-athletes might be working through.