Registration Open for Vimy Shadow Days!

Vimy Lacrosse, Vimy Hockey and Vimy Sport Fit are now accepting registrations for FREE Shadow Days.

A Shadow Day is a day where prospective student-athletes can come to Vimy and spend a day in the classroom and receive instruction in their sport of choice with Vimy Hockey, Lacrosse or Sport Fit.

On the Shadow Day, student-athletes will be paired with a current Vimy student-athlete who will guide them through the day. Parents can meet with our program leads before or after the day to discuss any questions that they may have about our programs.

A Shadow Day is the best way for any student-athlete and their families to get an idea of what Vimy can offer to student-athletes both athletically and academically.

If your student-athlete is serious about combining their passion for sports and academics, then it’s time to register for a FREE Shadow Day.

Click here to register!