Vimy Hockey: Cooperate and Compete

During the start of the year until mid-October, Vimy Hockey Junior High student-athletes will work through our Co-operate and Compete unit, where students will focus on refining their foundational abilities as well as working on the execution of the following skills:

– Passing Accuracy (short passes), Forehand Pass, Backhand Pass, Pass Reception.
– Wrist Shot, Snap Shot, Backhand Shot, Slap Shot
– Basic Puckhandling, Puck Protection, Separation, Toe Control.
– Give and Go, Close Support, 1 on 1 play.

Student-athletes will begin to display smoothness of skill execution with respect to both individual skills and skills in combination. They will work to develop the skill of active listening, by staying alert and actively involved throughout the entire session.

Students will show determination, both in competitive situations and in their daily approach (no excuses, commitment to personal growth).