Vimy Lacrosse 2014-2015 Outlook

Vimy Lacrosse is back and has the highest number of students to date, with 65 new and returning students to the program.

With many more students this year, the students have been split up their own teams. Vimy lacrosse now has a grade 7-8 team, a grade 9 team and a high school team.

The younger students focus their attention on learning the basics of field lacrosse. Almost all of the students have played box lacrosse before but have not had much experience in field lacrosse. For the grade 7’s and 8’s, learning the rules and positioning is their first priority, along with basic skill development.

The grade 9 team has more experience in the field lacrosse game, which means more time can be devoted to game situation drills and systems. Many of our grade 9 students play field lacrosse for various teams and have traveled to the United States for tournaments. The Vimy High School Lacrosse team has the most understanding of field lacrosse and works alongside our grade 9 team.

The grade 9 team and the High school team will be travelling to Seattle to compete in a tournament this fall while the grade 7’s and 8’s will be going to Spokane. There will also be some hometown tournaments that the Vimy High School team will be in as well.

Vimy Lacrosse will be hosting its first annual Harvest Cup on October 4th. Some notable teams competing in the Harvest Cup will be the University of Alberta, St. FX High School and the Vimy Ridge Academy Alumni. Many current and former Vimy Student Athletes will be competing this year. Another tournament this fall will be the University of Alberta Lacrosse Tournament on October 17th. Teams from western Canada travel to play at the U of A. These tournaments give the students exposure to high level field lacrosse against top end players, some who even have NCAA lacrosse experience.

The Vimy Lacrosse program will be on the field until the end of October then the students transition to the box lacrosse unit. Until then we hope to have a productive fall and success for all of our students at the various tournaments.