Vimy Sport Rec Student-Athlete To Compete At Water Polo Nationals

Vimy Sport Rec is very excited to congratulate Vimy Sport Rec student-athlete Kirsten Attwood and the rest of her Thunderbirds Water Polo team, who will be competing at the National Club Championship at the end of the month.

The event will run from May 29 – June 1 in Montreal at the Cote St-Luc Aquatic Centre and will feature 14 teams from across the country.

From the Water Polo Canada site:

The National Club Championships are the flagship domestic events for water polo in Canada and bring together, each year, hundreds of water polo athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Kirsten has only played water polo since this past fall and has fallen in love with the sport. She feels that it’s a fun sport with lots of friendships being developed. She would also recommend the sport to any athletes from 5-18 years of age.

You can keep up with the tournament at the water polo canada website or follow @VimyEdmonton on twitter as we will update you during the tournament.