Vimy Lacrosse/Hockey Combined Program

For those student-athletes that are playing both lacrosse and hockey, we offer a Combined Program at Vimy. This program allows the student-athletes to participate in Vimy Hockey for part of the year and then move to Vimy Lacrosse for the rest of the school year. This is a great opportunity to for students to be involved with both of their sports while attending school. Several of our current student-athletes take advantage of the combined program and enjoy the flexibility that this allows in their day-to-day programming.

The ultimate goal of Vimy Lacrosse and Vimy Hockey is to have athletes that wish to excel in the classroom and play their sports at the highest level possible. If student-athletes are interested in playing lacrosse or hockey at a Junior or college level, Vimy will work hard for them to achieve that objective. For many years, Vimy has become known as the premiere development program for lacrosse and hockey athletes in Alberta and we look forward to continued success as we move towards a full decade of excellence. The best way to see if Vimy Lacrosse/Hockey is for you is to sign up for a Shadow Day.