Logan Fischer

Vimy bjj

staff_missingLogan Fischer is a grade 12 student-athlete at Vimy Ridge Academy who is currently in his 3rd year with Donnan/Vimy BJJ. Logan is outstanding student-athlete who is currently maintaining honours standing in grade 12 academics with plans to attend the University of Alberta in the Engineering faculty.

Logan applies the skills he has for learning academics to learning Jiu-Jitsu. His technique is near-perfect and his attention to the minute details of each technique has helped him become extremely efficient when he’s rolling.

Logan is an extremely hard worker and an outstanding role model for all the other students in his program, representing everything a Donnan/Vimy Ridge student-athlete and martial artist should be!

Favorite Takedown: Double Leg Takedown
Favorite Guard or Position: Side Control
Favorite Sweep: Scissor Sweep
Favorite Submission: Flying/falling armbar