Vimy Hockey Checking Camp – Aug 4th to 17th – Registration Open!

Vimy Hockey is proud to announce that they will once again be hosting a checking camp this summer from August 4th until August 17th. This camp will be the fourth installment of the event and will be open to all athletes. The philosophy of the camp will be to prepare players for entry into checking hockey and to refine the skills of those already competing in leagues with body checking.

Some of the areas that will be focused on are:

  • Body Contact – how to give and receive hits
  • Checking and angling – putting yourself in safe positions that increase your chance of completing a successful check
  • Strategy – Eliminating the time and space of the opposing player
  • Wall-play – Battling the puck out of the zone, learning to how position yourself to take a hit and make a play
  • Small-area games – With a focus on playing games with body contact, tight turns in small areas, and different ways to create space while on offence.

The camp sessions will be run by Vimy Hockey Instructors Nathan Dempsey, Zack Dailey, Ryan Faulkner, Stacey Rayan and Dan Auchenberg.

The cost for the 5 session checking camp is $275.

Please note that this camp is only open to skaters and not goalies.

For more information on the camp and to register, please contact Coach Dailey at